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Finding the right blade for your mower:

When it comes to selecting the ideal blades for your precious mower, there are several crucial factors to bear in mind, and precision is key. One of the most critical aspects is ensuring that the center hole of the blade perfectly matches the dimensions of the blade you intend to replace.  Additionally, the length of the blade, measured diagonally from one cutting edge to the other, must be an exact match as well.

By paying close attention to these specifications, you can guarantee a flawless blade selection process that will enhance the performance of your mower and yield immaculate results for your lawn.  Please use the options on the left to choose the specs of your blade and see our options. 

Choosing the right style blade for your lawn:

When it comes to achieving the optimal cut for your lawn, the style of blades you choose plays a crucial role. Considerations such as the desired cut, the type of grass you're working with, and the time of year are essential in making the right selection.

For the Spring to mid-to-late Summer period, Hi-lift blades are the go-to option. These blades possess the remarkable ability to elevate the grass creating a vacuum-like effect especially since grass has moisture in it and is growing quickly. As a result, they deliver clean and precise cuts, while efficiently dispersing the clippings further away from the cutting path. This feature ensures that your lawn remains free of unsightly clumps.

On the other hand, when it comes to Fall and dealing with sandy soil, Mulching blades are the ultimate choice. These blades excel at shredding the grass into finer pieces. This process aids in the disintegration of the clippings within the lawn itself, effectively replenishing it with vital nutrients that may have been lost over the course of the season. The result? A healthier and more vibrant lawn for you to enjoy.

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$ 2354.52
Manufacturer code: 051-202
Weight: 500 Lbs.
Magna-Matic Universal Blade Sharpener
$ 82.11
Manufacturer code: 051-203
Grinding wheel used on 051-202
$ 59.91
Manufacturer code: 051-204
Grinding Wheel fits 051-202
051-207 Grinding Wheel (Code: 051-207)
$ 66.57
Manufacturer code: 051-207
051-207 Grinding Wheel
300-565 Mulching Blade (Code: 300-565)
$ 12.77
Manufacturer code: 300-565
Maximize your lawnmower's potential with our top-of-the-line mulching blades.
302-244 Mulching Blade (Code: 302-244)
$ 21.25
Achieve a healthier lawn with less effort with our mulching blades that are perfect for both residential and commercial use.
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