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4-Cycle Engine

4-cycle engines are commonly used in outdoor power equipment such as lawnmowers, generators, and pressure washers. These engines differ from 2-cycle engines as they do not require a mixture of oil and gasoline for fuel. Instead, they have a separate oil supply that lubricates the engine's moving parts. This makes 4-cycle engines more fuel-efficient than 2-cycle engines and also reduces emissions.

However, like any engine, 4-cycle engines require regular maintenance and occasional repairs to ensure they are running at their best. That's where high-quality replacement parts come in. Air filters, spark plugs, fuel filters, carburetors, and other small engine components are all crucial for maintaining the performance of the outdoor power equipment and ensuring it is ready for use whenever needed.

By choosing high-quality 4-cycle engine parts, you can be sure that your outdoor power equipment is operating at its best, providing reliable and efficient performance for all your outdoor tasks.

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$ 76.88
Manufacturer code: 051-506
SAE 10W-40, Six 32 oz. bottles
$ 92.46
Manufacturer code: 051-513
SAE 5W-20, Six 32 oz. bottles
$ 199.69
Manufacturer code: 051-547
SAE 15W-40, Twelve 32 oz. bottles
$ 92.46
Manufacturer code: 051-551
SAE 10W-30, Six 32 oz. bottles
$ 92.46
Manufacturer code: 051-555
SAE 20W-50, Six 32 oz. bottles
$ 72.26
Manufacturer code: 051-559
SAE 30, Six 32 oz. bottles
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